Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"ke ala o Pele"

About the opening:

The dedication of my One Woman Show, "ke ala o Pele" was written on my show information handout:

"I would like to dedicate this body of work to my husband Dennis Magnusen,
Dr. Douglas Hiller, Anne Carlson, Rehab of the Pacific, Shan and Mailin Moy and Carrie Johnson.

On the back of the handout was my poem about my process of healing and what I learned about myself in that adventure of the soul.

"I Stood Inside A Rainbow"

I stumbled to find myself
wanting to be lifted
and yet
I fell to smell the earth.

I stayed there for hours
me in brown beginnings
researching the treasure
that before
I had only walked upon.

I pointed my finger
into a tiny hole.
I hoped I might discover
one thing different
I had not known before.

Alas I found myself mesmerized
as an ant climbed from its cave.
One ant, one tiny ant
a delicate treasure, and
a focus in my day.

He became like none other
I had ever seen before
I chose to lean my attention
sit in pause
and hear life, and its
unmistakable roar.

A reflection in a pond
beyond the ants tiny hole
I leaned to meet the journey.
Who knew a lake would open
by the magic of my own smile.

I found myself host
to a thousand tiny angels
and an afternoon of solace.
I toasted all the Universe
and from roses
I sniffed a glistening vapor of hope.

I knew thirst to touch the dew on roses
and treasure all they had to say
found comfort in their voices
as the sun met their moisture
of an ever so brilliant day.

I stood inside a rainbow
Its colors met my skin.
Stepping then outside myself
decoding past objections
I accepted miracles were calling
and stood back to watch them grow.

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

For the opening I was blessed to have Codie King, the director of Wailoa Center help me in a zillion ways. Codie took special efforts in preparing my hand outs, hung the art on the walls with a wonderful volunteer. Her son helped before the opening in setting up tables for cookies, I made my famous chocolate chip cookies of course, and punch.

Thank you dear Codie King, volunteers and friends.

Dr. Hiller came with his mother, Anne Carlson came with her husband, Shan and Mailin Moy came and of course my dear husband Dennis was there. Such dear and sweet people in my life. Carrie Johnson lives on Kauai and could not make it but I felt her love.

There was and is a quilting show going on at the same time which is upstairs. Lovely ladies who made beautiful quilts with their hearts and hands. I thought of them that evening of hours they must have spent together making their wares. So dear.

I met some lovely people during the opeing and it was a very blessed time.

I am thankful to my friends and for all those rainbows known thus far and the ones yet to come.

I will post the final paintings throughout today and tomorrow along with my thoughts about each one.

A hui hou,


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