Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"I Have Come To Know The Rain"

My Unicorn, My Legend of Pegasus and Dolphins That Fly...

The painting:

"I Have Come To Know the Rain" 40x30 oil on canvas
Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

and the poem:

"I Have Come To Know the Rain"

My unicorn, my legend of pegasus
I climb on your back
my hands reach for your mane
the voyage is set.

I bring flowers
and fairies for comfort
for when my dream feels cold.

I've come to know the rain.
It is not enough to know that I am cleansed by it.
I want to see its breath
hold its message in my hand
lest I fall on other journeys.

I suspect you keep secrets
your words have become mere noise.
I don't believe your magic
just because you scream it.

All the children that I remember visit me.
No matter they are grown
I hear them playing.
Outside there are tokens
sunny days to play in.
I miss their laughter.

There are interruptions everywhere
they want to be understood.
I thought they would lie down
give up
but no.
They seem to be weary
but still measuring.

I am inclined to bargain against consequences.
I hold my own image up to the light
I am not as transparent as I thought.
I feel a huge relief
and yet
I am not sure of which foot to start with next.

I will maneuver my aim
invade my own existence
initiate a standard
for taking no prisoners.
I can feel myself still standing
with somber resolve
proclaiming victory over self
but never being clear on the final outcome
none the less.

I saw dolphins fly last night
twas an unusual sight to see.
It seems they had been called upon
to gather tokens from the oceans floor
gather up the magic of a mermaids charm.

'My' mermaids I ask?
Have they left my dream?

It is raining
and yet there are a few birds singing
I sit back
sip tea
and listen for them.
They sing the only words that I can count on.

It is not enough to understand consequences
the moon tells me this is so.
I fold up all prerequisites
put them in a closet
cover them with flowers I have met
and wait
for the shelter of rainy days.

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
20 March 2007

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I have finished all but one painting which I think I will complete today. I will then put each of the paintings back on the easel and give them whatever life I see that has been missed.

My feeling about the painting above which is shown in part is that her eyes are too deeply set. I am not sure yet though, I will have to study it some more. This will be the first painting I put back on the easel because of that.

I will try to take more pics over the weekend. Wow... I am getting very close to the show! Yay!

I talked to Cody King, the director of Wailoa Center yesterday about the cards and stuff. She got a new puppy! Smile! ... HUGE SMILE! Nothing cuter than a puppy or kitten.

I ordered the invitations yesterday through www.printrunner.com and worked with Colleen. My webmaster, business partner and brilliant buddy Carrie Johnson of Andarta Designs, told me she has used them and she loves the company. Actually I think that is the company we used for my "Bed of Dreams" promotional cards. The price was certainly right! Wow, after doing some compare shopping this is the place to go.

I had intended on trying to do some sculpture to add to this show. I am not sure that is going to be possible. I still have some time though. If I don't do that I am going to paint some smaller paintings, maybe 18x24 of orchids.. we'll see.

Today I added some info about my friend Terri Lloyd who is doing part of a show called, PROPAGANDA III: WORLD TOUR 2007. Terri is a great email buddy and I try to support her efforts whenever I can. She does the same for me... Thanks Terri!

OK... a hui hou for today.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kathy Ostman-Magnusen Cafe Store

The painting process and more paintings waiting to be worked on.

The room is filling up with new artwork. I will keep it all out, look at them constantly and make changes as I 'feel' them needed. I feel art and because of that I know passion and a feeling of abandon as I reach inside to pull out questions that were not there before.

It is more about the emotion of it all to me. I do not paint art that goes above someones couch to say nothing. I just don't get that. If I wanted that I would go to bed.

Say nothing then... so that art will not threaten you or change your mind or cause you to think past what you felt before you saw it. No.. I would not paint at all if I was boxed in to say nothing. I could paint one single color of muted gradation or a landscape of someplace I visited once, I could... but I won't.

I want to stir things up not settle for the same cake I had last week.

I watched Chuck Close on PBS, Charlie Rose, last night. He said that he paints people without emotion. He thinks that by painting emotion a conclusion will be established by the viewer. He wants the viewer to decide on their own. While I like his work I feel what is the point?

I do feel... and emotions are right on the surface with me. I want to convey every single one.

New Work


More paintings with close ups coming. HUGE SMILE!!

PS.. I did make cake last night.. sugar high!


I will post some close ups tomorrow. I am making progress.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

ke ala o Pele

OM Gosh!!

As we double checked on the name Ala o Pele... asking those who know the Hawaiian language we found out it is not that but is:

ke ala o Pele

OK... onward right. Painting. Will try to get more pics tonight!


Thursday, March 8, 2007

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This is the painting I finished today.

If there is a downside to painting ten paintings at one time.. it is that it is kind of anti-climatic when one is done. I kind of becomes a blur... OK.. NEXT. It feels like my old days of doing 120-160 mugs a day, there is never enough.

I do think that for just about anyone else who has not experienced what it is like to do assembly work that would not be true.

On the bright side however, my goal is to finish the ten and feel a sense of completion then.

I have finished another painting. I will try to take photos of the new ones tomorrow.

ONWARD! Painting is a gift that matches my passion so I do not mean to dampen the experience... I only mean to be honest.

Aloha, Kathy

Monday, March 5, 2007

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This is the finished image. The painting is 40x30x2 gallery wrap on canvas. This is the image I am going to use for my invitations for my one woman show at Wailoa Center, Hilo, Hawaii, April 6 opening. The reason I am using this image over others that are possibly more Hawaiian is because it crosses over. I will have cards left over and I want to be able to promote other genres of art and because I love this painting.

This 48x36x2 gallery wrap painting is pretty much finished. I will look at it for a couple of weeks and then make touch ups.

Gallery wraps with 2" sides have the painting extending over the sides continuing on with the scene or image.

Both this image and the one below are still a work in progress obviously. This is the one I worked on today. It is a 40x30 oil on canvas. It will be framed in solid koa.

OK... on to finishing this one up.

Aloha, Kathy

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Art in Action|Artists Watch|Ala o Pele

Full image of this finished painting will be posted later today. New photos being taken because the other ones had too much glare. I have also completed another painting that will be posted as well. Yay.

Aloha, Kathy

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Art in Action|Artists Watch|Ala o Pele

Art in action, an artist's watch of the progress of this series "Ala o Pele" is coming along. I finished the second image yesterday. I will post it in its finished state today or tomorrow. I had to finish it up because it is the one I have chosen for my invitations of my show at Wailoa Center. With an opeing of April 6 and hanging on the 2nd I need to move along. I totally love how it turned out and the orchids made a wonderful touch. Big Island is know as the 'Orchid Isle" so it if totally fitting.

What I am working on today, the trees a bit, last night, and will complete the figure today I hope. If I do I will post both tomorrow, the orchid painting, titles unknown at this point, probably something Hawaiian or maybe just "Orchids".
OK... onward!

I am thinking too of making cookies today. No chocolate chips though... humm.



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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Hawaiian Painting~Art in Action


I am on to the next phase of painting. I have made progress past these pics. I will have Denny take more today or tomorrow.


Eat cookies!

Art in Action|Artists Watch|Ala o Pele

Here is some work in progress.. more tomorrow