Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kathy Ostman-Magnusen Cafe Store

The painting process and more paintings waiting to be worked on.

The room is filling up with new artwork. I will keep it all out, look at them constantly and make changes as I 'feel' them needed. I feel art and because of that I know passion and a feeling of abandon as I reach inside to pull out questions that were not there before.

It is more about the emotion of it all to me. I do not paint art that goes above someones couch to say nothing. I just don't get that. If I wanted that I would go to bed.

Say nothing then... so that art will not threaten you or change your mind or cause you to think past what you felt before you saw it. No.. I would not paint at all if I was boxed in to say nothing. I could paint one single color of muted gradation or a landscape of someplace I visited once, I could... but I won't.

I want to stir things up not settle for the same cake I had last week.

I watched Chuck Close on PBS, Charlie Rose, last night. He said that he paints people without emotion. He thinks that by painting emotion a conclusion will be established by the viewer. He wants the viewer to decide on their own. While I like his work I feel what is the point?

I do feel... and emotions are right on the surface with me. I want to convey every single one.

New Work


More paintings with close ups coming. HUGE SMILE!!

PS.. I did make cake last night.. sugar high!

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