Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"I Have Come To Know The Rain"

My Unicorn, My Legend of Pegasus and Dolphins That Fly...

The painting:

"I Have Come To Know the Rain" 40x30 oil on canvas
Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

and the poem:

"I Have Come To Know the Rain"

My unicorn, my legend of pegasus
I climb on your back
my hands reach for your mane
the voyage is set.

I bring flowers
and fairies for comfort
for when my dream feels cold.

I've come to know the rain.
It is not enough to know that I am cleansed by it.
I want to see its breath
hold its message in my hand
lest I fall on other journeys.

I suspect you keep secrets
your words have become mere noise.
I don't believe your magic
just because you scream it.

All the children that I remember visit me.
No matter they are grown
I hear them playing.
Outside there are tokens
sunny days to play in.
I miss their laughter.

There are interruptions everywhere
they want to be understood.
I thought they would lie down
give up
but no.
They seem to be weary
but still measuring.

I am inclined to bargain against consequences.
I hold my own image up to the light
I am not as transparent as I thought.
I feel a huge relief
and yet
I am not sure of which foot to start with next.

I will maneuver my aim
invade my own existence
initiate a standard
for taking no prisoners.
I can feel myself still standing
with somber resolve
proclaiming victory over self
but never being clear on the final outcome
none the less.

I saw dolphins fly last night
twas an unusual sight to see.
It seems they had been called upon
to gather tokens from the oceans floor
gather up the magic of a mermaids charm.

'My' mermaids I ask?
Have they left my dream?

It is raining
and yet there are a few birds singing
I sit back
sip tea
and listen for them.
They sing the only words that I can count on.

It is not enough to understand consequences
the moon tells me this is so.
I fold up all prerequisites
put them in a closet
cover them with flowers I have met
and wait
for the shelter of rainy days.

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
20 March 2007

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