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This is the finished image. The painting is 40x30x2 gallery wrap on canvas. This is the image I am going to use for my invitations for my one woman show at Wailoa Center, Hilo, Hawaii, April 6 opening. The reason I am using this image over others that are possibly more Hawaiian is because it crosses over. I will have cards left over and I want to be able to promote other genres of art and because I love this painting.

This 48x36x2 gallery wrap painting is pretty much finished. I will look at it for a couple of weeks and then make touch ups.

Gallery wraps with 2" sides have the painting extending over the sides continuing on with the scene or image.

Both this image and the one below are still a work in progress obviously. This is the one I worked on today. It is a 40x30 oil on canvas. It will be framed in solid koa.

OK... on to finishing this one up.

Aloha, Kathy

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