Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I have finished all but one painting which I think I will complete today. I will then put each of the paintings back on the easel and give them whatever life I see that has been missed.

My feeling about the painting above which is shown in part is that her eyes are too deeply set. I am not sure yet though, I will have to study it some more. This will be the first painting I put back on the easel because of that.

I will try to take more pics over the weekend. Wow... I am getting very close to the show! Yay!

I talked to Cody King, the director of Wailoa Center yesterday about the cards and stuff. She got a new puppy! Smile! ... HUGE SMILE! Nothing cuter than a puppy or kitten.

I ordered the invitations yesterday through www.printrunner.com and worked with Colleen. My webmaster, business partner and brilliant buddy Carrie Johnson of Andarta Designs, told me she has used them and she loves the company. Actually I think that is the company we used for my "Bed of Dreams" promotional cards. The price was certainly right! Wow, after doing some compare shopping this is the place to go.

I had intended on trying to do some sculpture to add to this show. I am not sure that is going to be possible. I still have some time though. If I don't do that I am going to paint some smaller paintings, maybe 18x24 of orchids.. we'll see.

Today I added some info about my friend Terri Lloyd who is doing part of a show called, PROPAGANDA III: WORLD TOUR 2007. Terri is a great email buddy and I try to support her efforts whenever I can. She does the same for me... Thanks Terri!

OK... a hui hou for today.

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