Monday, February 12, 2007

Painting in Action ~ Hawaiian Art

Photographer: Dennis G Magnusen

Because I am painting all 10 paintings at once I have them all over the room. I am moving from one painting to the next. I am doing this for several reasons the first being to keep continuity to the series. I love the flow of doing several paintings at once. Emotions generated connect the dots so to speak. Kind of a funny thing too... it saves on paint. It should... maybe it doesn't really.

I have always loved to have every color imaginable squeezed out onto my pallet. Just when I don't I find myself longing for a certain color. I guess I do waste a lot of paint this way. It gets me there though so that is what feels important to me.

This is all very emotional.. painting. I often cry esp. if there is music that lends to feeling emotional. Ahhh emotions NOT an enemy right?

After drawing out my images on all the canvases I was overwhelmed. My beautiful model gave me insight into her heart with her photos. I hope to do them justice.

Denny caught those moments an artist hopes to see. Ahh I see it and it moves me. my young model let us see her heart and capture it on paper.

Well... I must run. I have a physical therapy appointment at 1 and want to get in some painting before I go. Last appointment I painted way too long and wound up going with paint all over my hands. Funny.

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