Monday, February 19, 2007 FREE ART GIFTS

Below are differnt elements in progress of the ten paintings I am working on. as I have written I am painting all 10 at once. I am just amazed at how much easier it feels to paint 10 at once rather than once at a time or 2-3 at a time like I normally do. I think now that I will always paint this way.

There is one more painting that I have not shown images of that I will try to photo today. It has the background almost all done so I need to get it photographed before I move on with it.

I am finding a new confidence that I did not have before my fall last April. Part of it is because I have a purpose in mind but most is because my 'comeback' is more than I had considered possible for myself. I CAN still paint and I CAN do it with more passion towards my goal than before. I find that I am often overwhelmed with the fact that a goal set is being met. It is much like physical therapy. I will to get the use of my hand back... I WILL!

Aloha, Kathy

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