Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The second phase of skin tones is making me wild.. OK.. yes I have said it.

I am working on going with what I know to be right. It is so funny, you can know the right colors and stuff but it feels too harsh or as if I am making too much of a change sometimes.

I believe in being honest.. to a fault. I feel that that is what this blog is about. Hold off though.. don't be writing me with suggestions OK? I am sharing this but I am not saying I won't get it on my own.

I read that if you accept one opinion you may be able to stand on your head and please all but more.. no, impossible.

I believe that some days flow easier than others but that the instinct is always there. Confidence shifts.. ya gotta believe in yourself, not get distracted by outside vibes that mess ya up. Shut up I say to those voices. It all reminds me of an Ellen skit.. all those voices.

OK.. so some of these are keeping me awake at night. I guess doing 10 at a time is not going to change anything. I guess I will just always be that way! Sheesh!

I am off to go paint again now. I have been for the last hour or so. I usually paint for maybe 5-6 hours at a time.

Aloha, Kathy

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