Saturday, February 24, 2007

This is ... I 'think' going to be my favorite when done. It is so far a toss up between this one and one other. I tend to like more edgy paintings rather than things that include landscapes so that is partly why. This is a 30x40 canvas. I LOVE doing giant faces for impact. This is just the first session of face tones, I will probably have at least couple more. The orchids will be done once I am pretty sure of the face.

Laying down really dark colors on a face like this is VERY uncomfortable at first. I fight myself over it. I know it is the right thing to do so I just say to myself... 'do it or you are going to be sorry because it will just have to be repainted to achieve what could have been done in the first place.

I lay down the colors from dark to light. I look for colors. I search out greens especially. If you look long enough you will see them.

Each one of the paintings I will be posting now will be of their first facial tone session. I do not walk away from it or let it dry, I want to be able to blend the colors. I am VERY careful not to muddy the work. This is another good reason for painting so many works at the same time. I can acknowledge that something is finished easier. I do not think I will ever paint less than 10 at a time because of this. I also have less nightmares. Painting one at a time keeps me up at night. I can't think of anything else. With 10 going at once small errors are not such a big deal. I know I will get back to them and things will be fine.

I want to add something about studio space. I have been thinking about that. I have done full series in a 500 sq.-ft. duplex before. I painted my Victorian Series in that kitchen. You can imagine how small the kitchen was if the whole place was 500 sq. ft. I will do just about anything to stay by the beach!
I have had large spaces and small spaces... NO EXCUSES not to paint...EVER!

OK.. good night!


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